Dancing Bear Resort - Fishing So Good You Don't Have To Lie!

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Dancing Bear Resort – Your Minnesota Fishing Resort!

What Are You Looking For In A Resort?

Fishing from dawn until dusk? Beach and a Book? Fishing with the kids? Teaching your grandchildren how to bait their own hooks? Watching your dog jump off  the dock for the 10,000th time? Eating way more s’mores than any human should? Or enjoying time with friends you only see once every blue moon?

Dancing Bear Resort is all of this and so much more. Nestled in the woods of northwestern Minnesota, just a bit nw of Bemidji, we are your next vacation destination. We take pride in our laid-back style, our “Sure We Can” and “No Problem” mindset. Our goal is to provide the place for you to relax, recharge, revive and create the memories you will recall for decades. Sound good? Are you yearning for that first strike of your hook? Or that first time you settle into your chair by the campfire?

Plus, we mean it when we say we are pet friendly. Bring the dog, heck, bring ‘em all – at Dancing Bear Resort we want you to enjoy your vacation with the whole family – two-legged and four.

Contact us now and let’s get started planning those memory making vacations. Dancing Bear Resort is your Minnesota Fishing Resort!

Fishing So Good You Don't Have To Lie!

Bass, Sunnies, Northern Pike, Walleye - Dancing Bear Resort offers classic Minnesota fishing at it's best.

Why Stay at Dancing Bear Resort?

Why Dancing Bear?

Fishing. Family Time. Fun. Pet Friendly. Great Rates. Lots to See and Do. Quiet. Relaxing. Fresh Air.
Resort Memories

Make Memories

Friends + Family = Fun! We offer a relaxed environment for you to create magical memories. Plus, the occasional double rainbow.
Fish Finder Balm Lake

Fishing is Great!

Balm Lake is a premier fishing lake. Trophy Bass, Huge Northern Pike, Lots and lots of Sunnies, Crappies and Walleyes.
Call Dancing Bear Resort

Call or Text 218.255.5625

Book your cabin now. Call or email us TODAY! Bring the kids and the dogs and make some memories.